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Hello Friends,
I am looking for some best option for get Credit Card against Fixed Deposit.. Which Bank offers Instant Credit card Approval against fixed deposit ? Name some which you are sure or you are using, Bcoz Many time people just suggest it wherther it was actually or not. Thanks :)
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If You are looking for Credit Card against fixed deposit than just go for DCB Bank Fidex Deposit which offer 90% Credit card limit against your fixed deposit amount. You will get DCB Payless Credit card against your fixed deposit. Not only this bank is providing Insurance against this FD too without any extra charge.
  • When we have normal fixed deposit our Money get stuck with Bank and has no use.. While here even we have FD of our money we are using our money using Credit Card.
  • DCB Bank offer credit card limit as 90% of your Fixed deposit (Rs.1,00,000 of fixed deposit will offer you Credit card with 90,000 credit limit)
  • Bank also offer Suraksha FD (Free Life Insurance on Your Fixed Deposit)
  • You will get good Interest rate of your FD's
DCB Bank Payless Credit Card Benefits : 
  • Low APR – 24% p.a.
  • Free credit period of 15-45 days on your spends and cash withdrawals
  • Zero fuel surcharge at all petrol pumps across the country up to spends of Rs.20,000 annually
  • No processing fee on balance transfers from your existing credit cards
  • Complimentary personal accident (Road / Rail / Air travel) insurance of Rs.1 lakh
  • Complimentary lost card insurance of Rs.1.5 lakh on your card
  • Enjoy introductory cash back of Rs. 350 on spends of Rs. 5000 on your card in the first 3 months
  • Secure online shopping with Verified by Visa
  • Free SMS alerts for all transactions on your card
  • Free online utility bill payments
Apart from this ICICI Bank is also offering Credit Card against FD but i personally suggest DCB Bank FD.
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